Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The day before...

    Finals are tomorrow. OH DANG!!! i'm so so nervous, but i know i can pass (: 'cuz i'm that amazing, haha. i can't stay on much longer. my day was good, i hate that school is almost over.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Back on Facebook

    yay, i'm finally back on Facebook. haha, i got on and half of my friends messaged me and said "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" haha, i felt so loved..

    Only a few more days left of school and i'm trying to make the best of it. Talking to those people i won't see in a while, thank my teachers- all that jazz. i miss the seniors. they all graduated today and i won't see them ever again ): its so tragic! But oh well... that's why they invented Facebook :D haha


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love youtube

   i think the funniest things i've seen have always been on youtube. Like this video, soo adorable and cute. I love how the dad buggs bunny's this kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsBon3DTwIY

    Today was ok. I had yet another fight with my boyfriend, and had a talk with my mom about the future. Like gettin' a job and stuff. She says it'll be hard since its my first job, but i have to try. i'm going to check this comic book store close by, but mom says i can't just walk in and expect to get the job. I'm aware of that, haha... But ya, pretty boring day.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today was...

    Today started out pretty boring. I sat at home, watched tv, made food and argued with my boyfriend (but its all better now). I was super, super bored- but then my boyfriend and my amigo Michael came over. We chased each other around my apartment complex, we ate some of my sister's muffins and then they left. I always feel so bad when my boyfriend leaves...
    So i thought about starting a band, and i have 1 band member. My friend Geoffray, who plays the keyboard. I still need a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Me? I'm doing vocals, ya... i'm pretty good at singing.
    Tomorrow is sunday, and then i'm back in school for monday, tuesday and then half days on wednesday and thursday. Thursday is the last day of school, its tragic. Why? I LOVE school. I never miss a day of school now (except for the day of my dad's wedding last year), i pay attention in every class (and i hate it when we dont learn in class), i want to go to summer school (weird, right?) and i'm even going to become a teacher so i can stay in school after college. But sadly, i cant be a super genius as a teacher- 'cuz ya know, i'm supposed to know this stuff i'm teaching, haha. Oh the super genius thing?- I know all of the answers most of the time, plus i know a lot of random facts, so my classmates think i'm a super genius. It's pretty cool. i mean, i AM smart (and i'm right brain functioned), but my classmates think i'm like freakin' Albert Enstien. It's pretty amazing.
    So ya, that's how my day was (along with that random paragraph about my school life). I think that's how most of my blogs will be until the 26th. "Today was (blank)... oh and (talks about school)". I hope that doesnt get annoying.


Friday, May 20, 2011

6 Days Left

    School ends in 6 days, and I'm feeling that rare "i don't want summer to come" blues. It really sucks. People say i should enjoy the last few days of school; but how can i enjoy them when i'm too busy thinking about the people i wont be able to see. Sure, i'll be able to have a Facebook again, but it wont be the same as coming into class everyday and hugging them, or having an actually conversation with them. I dunno, i guess i'm just too different, people dont understand...
    At one point in every class, you end up looking at every person in the room, correct? Well, have you ever noticed that you're more drawn to the person who isn't looking at you? I do that all the time. But me being me, i just look at that person and wonder what they are thinking, and why they havent looked at me like everyone else does. I've seen it happen to other people too. One person will look at everyone at some point, minus one individual. Why is that? Its curious... very curious.
    School was pretty easy today. Since we only have 2 full days left (and 2 half days for finals) the teachers aren't giving much work. In fact, most of my teachers (minus my pregnant and soon to be in labor English teacher) are planning their end of the year parties. In my journalism class (aka, the school news paper) we're pretty much doing nothing. Since the school year is over soon, all we do is sit in class all day. I wish i could just go to my other classes during that time, but, i don't think my teachers would be happy with that. I dunno... Anyways- the school is so quiet now, because all the seniors are busy doing graduation practice. My question is: how do you practice for graduation? All you do is sit, march, grab your diploma, shake someone's hand and sit again. What's there to practice? Seems pretty pointless to me.
    Well, i'm going to go now. I'm going to see if i can try to make plans this weekend. Wish me luck (seriously)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where do i start?

    so... I've tried blogging before and it didn't work out. Its hard to commit to something when you're a high school sophomore trying to juggling classes, homework, friends, family and a boyfriend. Even though i usually have time to spare when i get home, i can't seem to find the will power to get on the computer and tell the world "my day was...(fill in the blank)".

    So... where do i start? Well... i guess I'll start with this:

    school is over in less then a week, and i can't figure out what in the world i'm going to do over the long long summer. no school, my amigos will be busy... what's a girl to do? Get a job and leave my free time to boredom? i guess so... i know my family will be busy, and my boyfriend will be too... i guess i could get ready for Dance Line next year. Oh, let me explain- I'm not one who likes to do sports; i'm more of a music, art, writer lover. But i REALLY want to do a sport (since my boyfriend does 3 sports every school year). Anyways, i'm not too good at sports, and i can't really devote to it. So while talking to my friend Pollo (Adrian), i decided there was one sport i really do love- dancing. So, last night i decided i was going to join the dance team next year. But if i'm gonna do that, i gotta prepare, right? question is: how?
    Anyways... i'm not sure what to put now. i'm kinda out of ideas on what to put now. I guess i'll keep doing this... but hopefully people arent too judgmental, 'cuz i'm a VERY open person.